Rihanna and Jim Parsons Team Up in ‘Home’

The first trailer is out for Home, which stars Rihanna as a headstrong girl tasked with saving the Earth and Jim Parsons as her alien sidekick. It looks delightful.

Rihanna and Parsons play Tip and Oh, respectively, in the movie which also features Steve Martin. In the film, a race of nomadic aliens takes over Earth and Tip and Oh must team up to save everyone. It is the first animated film to feature a black lead and it’s also Rihanna’s first film role since Battleship, except for a brief cameo in This Is the End. In addition to starring, Rihanna will also record a concept album based on the movie.

Home is based on the book, The True Meaning of Smekday. If this trailer isn’t enough, DreamWorks has also released a short called Almost Home that serves as an epilogue to Home.