Sarah Jessica Parker Apparently Really Loved the New 'Godzilla' Movie?

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AAEEEEGGGHHHEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!! (That was a Godzilla noise, if you couldn't tell. It doesn't really translate well to text?) Anyway, I don't know, I was having kind of a blah Friday, but imagining Sarah Jessica Parker stomping around the West Village doing a Godzilla impression certainly brightened things! These winning captions also helped:

"THIS IS PRADA~~!!!" - Lizabeth

"*gasp* These are not my Manolos!" - Samantha

"Walking down the street, with my tight pants, with my tight pants!" - Rosa

"Go away paparazzi or i'll kick your ass" - Suzie

"clipiti clop clipiti clop neeeeeeeh" - Dillon

" . . Solange be like" - Nicola

"Everybody was kung fu fighting" - Erica

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