If You We’re Wondering, Nick Jonas is Still Looking Studly

Nick Jonas: Kiss & Tell
Broadway co-star dishes about kissing Nick.
One of our favorite Hollywood stud muffins, Nick Jonas, was spotted heading to lunch with his brother Joe Jonas in West Hollywood, California earlier today (June 13, 2014).

After finishing up lunch, the Jonas brothers went out for some drinks with friends at a local bar.

Nick is in some of the best shape of his life as he’s preparing for his new DirecTV series Kingdom, formerly known as Navy St.

The one-hour drama series, which was created by Detroit 1-8-7 alum Byron Balasco and hails from Endemol Studios, takes place in Venice, California, and is set against the backdrop of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Frank Grillo stars as gym boss Alvey “King” Kulina. Jonas plays Nate, Alvey’s youngest son and the prized fighter at the gym.

So this means that we will most likely be seeing Nick Jonas shirtless in almost every episode of the show. I’m in!

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