Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie Perform Evolution of Dad Dancing

Jimmy & Terry Nip Sync
Jimmy Fallon and Terry Crews go pec to pec.
Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie showed off their embarrassing moves on last night’s Tonight Show.

Jimmy and the the New Jersey Governor, both fathers themselves, danced awkwardly through the evolution of dad dancing. Christie even poked fun of that whole bridge scandal

Fallon’s latest dancing skit included he and Christie keeping it stiff during “The Republican Convention” and letting loose during “The Democratic Convention.” Christie’s administration has been under siege since the Governor reportedly shut down part of the George Washington Bridge due to a personal beef with the Mayor of Fort Lee.

The Governor took the dancing routine as an opportunity to make light of the scandal.

When the “This Bridge is Closed” flashed up on the screen, Christie looked at Jimmy with mock anger and walked off stage.

Watch the full skit above.