Robert Pattinson to Jimmy Kimmel: Ever Been Spit On in An Erotic Way?

RPattz: 10 Facts
Bet you didn't know THIS about Robert Pattinson...
Robert Pattinson is a wonder when it comes to sit-down interviews.

On Thursday, the British hunk stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new film The Rover. But things quickly turned to spit (of all things).

“I have extraordinarily heavy saliva,” Pattinson told Jimmy Kimmel. “It’s funny, I noticed it the other day . . . if I try and spit I can only get it about a foot.”

The 28-year-old brought up the topic when Kimmel asked why he lies for no reason sometimes.

“I find it easier, when I’m lying, the panic and the adrenaline makes your saliva thin out,” according to Pattinson.

“We should have people drool into a glass and we’ll weigh yours against theirs,” the talk show host joked.

Then it got kind of weird.

“Have you ever had someone spit on you, like . . . in a kind of erotic way?” Pattinson asked.

Watch Kimmel’s response in the video, above.

The Rover, starring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce, opens nationwide June 20.