The Most Adorable Celebrity Kid Instagram/Twitter Pics of the Week 6.14.14

The little tykes are back for another round!

Thank god our favorite celebrity mommy’s and daddy’s are super proud of their little ones and love to show it on social media because we just love seeing them too!

Between Snooki’s announcement that there is “no closer bond than that between a mother and a son” and Hilary Duff’s sheer amazement at the fact that she MADE the “love of her life”, it’s clear that these babies are in the right hands.

But I mean, if you get to call Alessandra Ambrosio “mom” you’re all sorts of #blessed, lets be real. Plus, Beyonce kissing Blue Ivy is more than cute!

Launch the gallery above for all of the cutest celebrity kid picks of the week and let us know which ones made your heart melt!