Robert Pattinson Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From His ‘Twilight’ Past

If he weren’t so rich and famous and handsome, I am sure more people would feel sorry for poor Robert Pattinson, who, despite being a not-terrible actor, will never, ever escape his past as Edward from Twilight. Thankfully, he can dry his tears with his wads of cash. Or he could print out today’s winning captions and do the same.

“B*tch please..! You know I sparkle..!” – Daniella

“Yep!!! I’m that vampire guy….how you like me now????” – Demetria

“Been there done that” - Michelle

“Can’t touch this, I’m so pretty, move b*tch” – Sherice

“Do it for the vine I ain’t gone do it!” – Ana

“Pizza Steve be like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaa'” – Xolisa

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