Kim Kardashian Shares a Shot from North West’s First Birthday/Father’s Day Celebration

You know what’s hard? Being a father. And even harder than that? Being Yeezus, the Messiah of Hip-Hop. So who could blame Kanye West for spending his Father’s Day napping alongside the tiny little human he helped to create.

Kim Kardashian posted a special Father’s Day/first birthday snap on Instagram of Kanye and North napping together. Yes, North West’s first birthday just so happened to fall on Father’s Day.

In the caption, Kim writes that “[w]e played so hard they passed out while we were watching the game.” But she does not specify which game they were watching. Was it the Spurs/Heat NBA Finals game? Or perhaps they’re more into soccer, now that they’re European. And if it was the World Cup, which game were they watching? I suppose the Kardashian-West clan is probably rooting for France? Or maybe it was the U.S. Open, though no one really refers to a golf tournament as a “game.” Man why is there so much sports going on right now? Has anyone else noticed that it’s nearly impossible to escape all the sports happening this summer? It’s like you can’t even go to a bar these days without someone shouting “eu sou brasileiro” in your face and spilling beer on the jorts you’d been waiting for a special occasion to pull out of the dresser. Sorry, this went in a weird direction.


North West’s first birthday was probably more special than anything any of us will ever experience in our lives and she won’t even remember it.