Adam Lambert and Queen Rock the iHeartRadio Theatre in Preparation for Their Summer Tour

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Adam LambertQueen? Singing together in a small theatre? Yes please!

Last night Adam and Queen took the stage at the iHeartRadio theatre in LA to promote their upcoming tour, and it was awesome. The guys rocked the audience with 8 of Queen’s most amazing songs, including the rarely performed “Love Kills”.

Adam looked very comfortable on stage with rock legends Brian May and Roger Taylor–probably because he’s the only current performer with the balls to take on something theatrical like Queen. 

I mean, have you ever had a dream about gold? Because Adam has. He woke up from a dream about the tour and decided, “I think it needs more gold. What if instead of the industrial iron and steel look, we went with more gold!”

So he’s got funky taste and an amazing voice? I’m into it. Just listen to him singing “Love Kills” below and try not to fall in love with him.

For those of you who are beyond excited about the upcoming tour, launch the gallery to get a taste of Adam and Queen from last night. And don’t forget to watch “Love Kills” below. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here, continuing the excited dance I started last night.