Lorde and Lamp and Laughter

At Sunday’s MuchMusic Video Awards, Lorde stole the show by performing with a lamp. Yes, you read that correctly: a lamp. Perhaps it’s because we’re so used to bizarre singing cats, blatant cultural appropriation, and steamy scenes atop chairs, but, at first, a lamp seems like a rather banal choice for a prop. But somehow, maybe because its simplicity and ubiquity was so refreshing, it worked. Some other things that work are today’s winning captions.

“booty Had Me Like” – Miguel

“I may have fallen, but I got this lamp” – Erika

“Who put the fucking step there!!!!” – Debi

“Help! I have fallen and cannot get up!” – Jayda

“she came at me like a wrecking ball!!” - Natasha

“Everybody wants to rule the floor” – Sinead

“We’ll never be royals…. slipping on the [email protected] stage!!!” – Tres

“Look Ma’, No Feet!!” – Audrey

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