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Jessica Simpson is set to tie the knot with fiance Eric Johnson over the July 4th weekend in Santa Barbara, but what kind of wedding has she been planning?

According to a source, she's been working closely with sister Ashlee Simpson--who is also getting married this summer--to finalize everything.

"They have been doing lots of wedding stuff together," the source tells E! News.  "During this wedding process they both have been talking to each other about their ideas, even though they both are having very different weddings."

The source says Jessica is having a "classic and modern" wedding whereas Ashlee is planning more of a "Bohemian-style vibe" for her nuptials with Evan Ross on Aug. 31.

Meanwhile, Jessica's football hubby-to-be has been letting her do most of the planning.

"[She has] been all hands-on for her wedding and her sitting back and enjoying letting Jessica make a lot of the decisions for their wedding day," the source explains.  "He is a very laid-back guy and just loves seeing Jessica happy, especially on her big day."

But planning isn't the only thing she's been working hard on before the big day... Jessica has been busting her booty to slim down before the wedding, showing off her incredibly lean and toned legs in several sexy outfits lately.

We can't wait to see what she'll wear to tie the knot!



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  • graciesgoldstar

    It's both their second marriages so the weddings should be intimate and simple less than 200 guests. when Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward got married January 29th 1958 their wedding was very low key only twelve witnesses many of them Vegas performers as they got married in Vegas in a bungalow at a hotel it was his 2nd marriage