OK Go’s Optical Illusion-Filled Music Video for ‘Writing’s On the Wall’ Will Blow Your Mind

Modern Day Mouse Trap?
Watch OK Go's music video for 'This Too Shall Pass.'
The dudes from OK Go are back with a video to trump all videos.

Forget about the amazing Rube Goldberg machine, the Chevrolet instrumental drive, the treadmills, the puppies and the color-coordinated dancing.

Ready for some optical illusions?

The group has just unveiled the new music video for “The Writing’s On the Wall,” the first single from OK Go’s upcoming fourth studio album Hungry Ghosts.

Like its predecessors, the video will rock your socks and your socks’ socks.

In one single take, Damian Kulash and friends seamlessly intertwine with each other, objects, surfaces and angles, all while mouthing the words to the single.

Fine job, gentleman. That’s one beautiful video.

[Courtesy of Tumblr]

Watch “The Writing’s On the Wall,” above. Hungry Ghosts drops in October.