Tuesday Ten: 10 Booty-Building Songs Inspired By Kim Kardashian’s Butt

Kim's Bikini Body
Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever on her vacay.
Earlier this week I told you Kim Kardashian is currently building a “Booty Room” in her new house, dedicated solely to maintaining to her most famous asset.

Well that little bit of news got me thinking… While her “booty trainer” is working out that big ol’ derriere in her butt sanctuary, what kind of music does Kimmie prefer listening to?

So I let my imagination run wild and picked out ten songs I bet play over and over on the voluptuous reality star’s workout playlist–of course, all dedicated to her badonkadonk (I’m running out of ways to say butt)… And I think they can totally help YOU build that butt-selfie-ready booty you’ve always wanted, too!

So have a listen below and make sure to follow Kim’s Booty-Building Playlist for your own fitness regiment!