Chris Brown Refuses to Listen to Rihanna’s Music

If you plan on hanging out with Chris Brown anytime soon, you better make sure you don’t have any Rihanna songs on your party playlist!

The “Loyal” singer visited The Spot–a Los Angeles hookah lounge–after being released from jail recently and threw an absolute fit when the DJ began playing RiRi’s tunes.

One of the employees explained to Star magazine, “Chris was in good spirits until Rihanna’s song ‘Diamonds’ started playing.  Suddenly, he was fuming, pacing around like he was about to start a fight!”

Hm… Looks like that anger management is really working out well for him, huh?

The source said “things got pretty heated” when Chris demanded the DJ take all of his ex-girlfriend’s songs off the playlist… So the DJ retaliated by playing “Started From the Bottom” by bad gal’s on again-off again beau Drake.

“Chris was absolutely livid,” the source claims.  “Thankfully, the DJ laughed and changed the song–but it did make a few good minutes of entertainment at Chris’ expense!”

Hopefully Chris’ new BFF Justin Bieber isn’t a big Rihanna fan…