This Is Why You Shouldn’t Get Drunk Near Taylor Swift’s House

Inside Taylor's Mansion
Step inside Taylor Swift's Rhode Island pad.
As the sign on her front lawn suggests, she knew you were trouble when you walked in. At least, you you were the three 20-somethings that were drunkenly vandalizing Taylor Swift’s house this weekend.

Two men and one woman were recently arrested for a beer-throwing incident that occurred outside of the singer’s Rhode Island home. The were charged with disorderly conduct after local authorities caught them hurling beer bottles onto Swift’s property.

Presumably feeling 22, the three no-goodniks also reportedly cussed out Swift’s security guards and gave them the middle finger, though one of the people arrested that night have since denied ever flipping the bird.

At the time, Swift was too busy knocking a few back with Ina Garten in New York City and was not home to witness how it all went down.

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