An Arizona Third Grader Has A Message For Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma vs. Jimmy
The 'Spider-Man' actress shows Fallon how it's done.
Earlier this week Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield used the power of the paparazzi to send a noteworthy message to the public about supporting causes and charities– “the stuff that matters” (as Garfield’s card read).

Now, a third grader from Arizona–where Emma grew up–is sending his own message back to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars.

Liam is a student at Pieceful Solutions (a K-12 school is Arizona) who has autism.  When he saw how Emma and Andrew were supporting and raising awareness for children with autism spectrum disorders, he wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the two stars for using the publicity for the greater good.

I think we’re all in the same boat as cute, little Liam! What an awesome message to send!