Real News That’s Not Fake: Courtney Love and Mariah Carey Recording a Duet??? (Not Really Though)

A photo of Courtney Love and Mariah Carey pops up on Courtney’s Instagram, and those of us in entertainment media have to wonder what this means. A reporter more eager than me might, for the purposes of making things seem more interesting than they are, ask something like, “Does this mean we can expect a Mariah Carey/Courtney Love duet?” I might then answer my own question: “You bet it does! It’s probably called ‘Celebrity Skin Pt. 2: Why You So Obsessed With Us?’ and it likely has a sort of rocky, R&B, alt-country kind of vibe, but the bridge is a total EDM banger, and it’s not what you would expect from them at all but it also sounds kind of familiar?” I’m not that guy though. I’m just the guy who introduces today’s winning captions. (#BuyCelebritySkinPt2WhyYouSoObsessedWithUsOniTunes)

“Courtney: ‘where’s Niki manaj when u need her?'” - Sonia

“before & after!” – Keana

“Girl we drunk as fuck” – Amber

“Hell’s Angels” – Angie 

“We DONT belong together” – Chelsea

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