Check Out the Dress Victoria Beckham Wore on Her First Date With David Beckham

The Fab Victoria Beckham
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Burnt orange isn’t typically a color that indicates love… But apparently it worked for David Beckham!

Victoria Beckham took to Twitter to show off a bunch of photos of some of the most important dresses she’s ever worn, including the one in which she went on her first date with her hubby.

Personally, I wouldn’t choose to rock burnt orange on a first date, but maybe that explains why I have yet to land a husband……

Anyway, the couple met in 1997 at a charity match just months after the Spice Girls made it big and enjoyed there first date shortly after.  Less than a year later, Victoria was already pregnant with their first child, Brooklyn.


She shared a photo of herself at age 24 rocking a tight black dress while she was preggers.

So now serious question: Is she a hoarder or just a helpless romantic?