Coco’s Hottest Bikini Moments of All Time

Coco's Tiniest Bikini!
The buxom blonde is ready for warm weather.
There’s a reason Coco has so many followers on Instagram: her account sees more bikini pictures than the #selfie hashtag during swimsuit season. Almost half a million people follow Coco to see what scandalous pic she’s going to post next — and they can’t get enough!

Though most of you may know her as the wife of Ice-T or from their E! reality show, Ice Loves Coco, but Coco’s a lot more than just anyone’s wife. She’s an actress, model, and she’s currently taking over social media. Coco’s known for her risqué photos, often uploading very revealing bikini shots and showing off her amazing body to the world.

Whether she’s on vacation or doing a photoshoot, Coco always finds time to upload a bikini photo.

Want to see Coco’s hottest bikini moments of all time? Check out our gallery above!