HBO To Air Ten-Part Beyoncé Concert Special

and for her next act...
Beyonce and Jay Z are touring together this summer.
Beyoncé is returning to HBO, this time with a 10-episode concert special. If you missed the Mrs. Carter World Tour, now you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home, feel free to freak out and cry as much as you like.

Beyoncé: X10 premieres on HBO June 29. Each episode is four-minutes, presumably the length of one song from the tour. They will air on Sundays at 8:55, right before the final episodes of True Blood. Songs featured in the series include: “Blow/Cherry,” “Drunk in Love,” “Ghost/Haunted.” “Flawless/Yoncé,” “Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,” “Girls,” “Heaven,” “Partition,” “Why Don’t You Love Me?,” and “XO.”

If you don’t have access to HBO Go, “borrow” a friend’s password now.