Joe Manganiello Surrounded by Shirtless Strippers at ‘La Bare’ Premiere

While Joe Manganiello played a stripper in the film Magic Mike, the actor is now directing, La Bare, a documentary about the male entertainment business.

Joe invested his own money in the film to produce it. “It’s raw but it’s not what you expect. Everybody has this misperception about male entertainment, and they have no idea what they’re talking about. That’s why I made the film.”

“No one had ever explored this, and people had just kind of sat back and had assumptions about it,” Joe Manganiello said, “but no one ever went in to explore it.”

As for the sequel to Magic Mike, the film, Magic Mike XXL is “a road trip movie. All the guys will be back together and causing some mayhem.”

The only other detail that Joe would reveal about the movie is that his character would not have a gut. Raise your hands in the air over that news.

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