Lauren Conrad Should Think Before She Tweets

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Whereas most of us will probably cram seven girls in one cheap Vegas hotel room for a couple days, drinking out of plastic vodka bottles and wearing pink penis crowns… Lauren Conrad is lucky enough to fly her closest gal pals down to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for her bachelorette party to soak up the sun in $200 bikinis, indulge in some expensive tequila while enjoying spa days and hour long massages.

But it’s not all fun and games for the princess of Laguna Beach (as is typically the case with LC)… Because it’s not really a party unless there’s some drama, right?

Not only did the former reality star walk out of The Office–one of Cabo’s most well-known tourist restaurants–over what she describes as anti-gay policies… She tweeted to her 3.25 million fans about the incident, and her bestie Lo Bosworth even went as far as to encourage people to stop eating there.

Being a staunch supporter of equality and same-sex marriage, I feel comfortable enough to say: Lauren, you’re wrong.

I’ve been traveling to Cabo San Lucas every year for five years, sometimes twice a year, and eaten at The Office at least twice during every trip.  The fun part about this restaurant is that it’s on the beach, and they often play fun games with everyone at the tables.  Sometimes it’s individual games; sometimes it’s you and a friend; sometimes it’s couples.


LC declared in her tweet that The Office doesn’t allow same-sex couples to participate in the games… Which isn’t true.  There have been countless occasions in which I’ve personally witnessed gay couples play the games.  However, I realize Lauren could have had a completely different experience, and on this particular night, perhaps there was some miscommunication… In which she has every right to leave on her own accord and feel good about her decision.

But… To tweet about it to her millions and millions of followers? Without talking to the manager or making sure her accusations were true before she publicly bashed a restaurant in which is quite possibly the sole provider for many of the workers and their families?

This is where I get upset.  The Office alone provides hundreds of people with food and shelter.  Tourism is the #1 way families in Cabo make money… The restaurant business is their life line, and speaking as someone who’s seen it first hand multiple times, the employees work their asses off to please their customers.  They spray the ground beneath your feet as you walk so you don’t get SAND on your shoes, for goodness sakes!

So not only did Lauren tweet misinformation–She tweeted misinformation that could potentially effect many hardworking employees, their families and their whole well being.

(I say potentially because I truly, truly hope our society hasn’t gotten to the point where we let a former Laguna Beach reality star who spends her days worrying about closet renovations depict where we will or won’t eat while we’re on vacation).

And just so you know, E! News spoke with a manger from The Office (who was not present during the LC walk-out) who said: “We invite all diners to participate in our games. We’ve never had an issue before with homosexual couples. We are not homophobic at all. We have waiters, runners and a chef who are gay. We’ve never had a homophobic incident at The Office.”

So… While I’m stoked to see you’re a supporter of equality and you stand up against hate, I think maybe next time you should think before you tweet, LC.  Because right now all I see is someone who was (probably a little tipsy and not thinking straight) looking to stir up a bit of drama for some extra attention at the expense of others.