Patrick Stewart and Rob Delaney Hold a Twitter Hug Fest, Talk Chest Hair

Pat and Ian Take NY
BFFs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen tour the Big Apple.
If your name is Ian McKellen, please look away.

His BFF and fellow legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart may have a new bestie — in comedian Rob Delaney.

On Thursday, Delaney posted the following on Twitter:

Of all the adoring fans that responded, one caught the attention of Delaney.


So Delaney delivered. Shirtless.

“Just the sight of that chest hair is comforting,” Stewart wrote three minutes later.

The hug fest was probably a good thing for Stewart, 73. That same evening, his beloved soccer team lost to Uruguay, bringing Team England’s World Cup record to two losses, zero wins.

This isn’t the first time Stewart and Delaney have won hearts with their delightful Twitter exchanges. In March, the pair mocked British Prime Minister David Cameron when he posted a photo of himself on the phone with President Barack Obama.




You see kids, this is why Twitter was invented. Don’t waste it on bad selfies and food photos.

Unless your name is Patrick Stewart and you have an emotional moment over fish and chips.