Selena Gomez is Back to Cleaning Up Justin Bieber’s Act, Going to Bible Study

Snooki on Jelena
Snooki comments on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's split.
Selena Gomez just can’t let go of Justin Bieber.

The on-again, off-again couple are indeed back on again, and I think it speaks highly of Selena that, at least when she’s in his life, he seems to steer clear of trouble.

In fact, the duo were spotted at bible study together in Los Angeles earlier this week, listening to Pastor Judah Smith’s sermon.

The “Boyfriend” crooner posted a snapshot from the service at City Church with the caption, “Bible study with Judah Smith.”  Both him and SelGo turn to Smith regularly for guidance.

An insider who spotted Jelena told Us Weekly, “They were very love-dovey and cute… [They] came and left together with a few friends.”  The source added that Bieber appeared to be in a much better place.  “He looks so happy and at peace.”

The duo’s relationship also seems to be in a better place.  Another source tells E! News they are officially together again–with Bieber ready to jump right back to where they were romantically before they split the last time (which number are we on now?).

However, Selena is taking things more slowly.  “She still loves him,” the source added.  “It’s hard for her to get over him because they have so much history… You just can’t drop those feelings.  There’s too much there.”

It truly says something about the “Come and Get It” singer that she still believes in Justin after everything… I suppose it’s true love!