Someone Tell Kristen Bell: It’s Sloth Week in America

Kristen Talks Sloth, Baby
Who's cuter? Kristen Bell's new daughter or a sloth?
Sloth lovers, rejoice!

It’s officially Sloth Week, thanks to the lovely folks at Animalist.

Starting today, the channel’s official website will share “the most adorable and most interesting sloth videos” so you can freak out for seven whole days.

Oh and there’s a sloth live cam:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

For the newbies, sloths are adorable creatures who are either two-toed or three-toed. They like hanging upside down, mostly on tree branches. Baby sloths are cute. Baby sloths in blue and pink bandages are even cuter.

So gather your nearest and dearest, sit around your laptops and other smart devices and put on your best Kristen Bell sloth freak out face.



[Lead photo courtesy of Facebook/Animal Planet, GIFs courtesy of Imgur]