Lady Gaga Has Gone and Married Herself to Jazz, Tony Bennett and New York City

Sex predators unite in Gaga's video that never was.
Spotted on the streets of New York City and wearing what very well could be described as a wedding dress, Lady Gaga seems to have put Artflop Artpop behind her in a big way.

The pop songstress is dropping hints all over Instagram that her sessions with music legend Tony Bennett have put the pep back in her step where it belongs.

First of all, I’m loving black-haired Gaga and everything it’s giving the world. For example…this, this and especially this.

Secondly, she seems as happy as someone could be mere hours after a really gross example of human indecency leaked all over the internet.

With captions like, “What a beautiful day with Tony I had. He’s the best. I love the way he calls me Lady” and “I can’t wait for the new album to come out. Tony and I are having so much fun, he always puts a smile on my face,” it’s easy to see that our fair Lady is still excited to call the recording studio her home.

News of her impending jazz album with Bennett isn’t new by any means, but I’d put money on it that something will hit the stands any day now.

After all, Gaga did just get a brand new tattoo of a trumpet that Tony sketched himself.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this tattoo serves as a better precursor than her artpop stamp was…