The Funniest Celeb Pics of the Week That Will Make You LOL! 6.21.14

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It’s time to check out the funniest celeb pics of the week! Are you ready to laugh? Well, then you came to the right place!

This is your chance to see the best candid photos of your fave stars from the past seven days! The pictures this week will definitely make you LOL! Want to see some seriously silly pics of celebs like Ludacris and Shia LeBeouf? Take a look at our gallery! You need to see these photos!

Last week, we showed you hilarious pics of celebs, but this week’s pics are even better! Stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and Sophia Bush were all caught looking goofy this week and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! These pics are definitely going to make you laugh!

When stars are out and about, paparazzi often catch them in very candid moments. The pics they take end up capturing celebs making extremely funny faces that need to be shared with the world! So, we’ve rounded up the 20 funniest pics from this week that you have to see to believe! Ready to check them out? Click on our gallery and get ready to LOL!

After you scroll through all of the pictures, let us know what you think! Which picture is the funniest of them all? Sound off in the comments!

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