That Time Hillary Clinton Experienced Fangirl Ecstasy Upon Meeting Chris Colfer

Even Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and potential candidate for President of the United States, has her fangirl moments. She’s just like us! Her fandom of choice? Glee, apparently! Who doesn’t love that Chris Colfer? Not Hillary Clinton! She’s so relatable. I bet she’d even love today’s winning captions.

“Omg, You’re Bill’s son by Monica?????” – Sherice

“You want me to sign your what??” – DanaPaige

“You like me, you really like me” – Vickie

“Yes I know who you are!!!! I love those Twilight movies!” - Shirley

“Ehemuhgerd” – Christopher

“Wat” – Joshua

“Oh my god! Klaine is my OTP. I love you. Can we be friends?” - Linor

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