Joan Rivers Says Kristen Stewart Threatened to Sue Her

RPatz on KStew
The 'Twilight' star opens up to The Hollywood Reporter.
Never one to hold her tongue (or her pen in this case), Joan Rivers is in hot water once again.

The caustic comedian made some scathing comments about Kristen Stewart in her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva and the 81-year-old says the Twilight actress threatened to sue her as a result.

TMZ reports Kristen’s lawyers contacted Joan’s people about this passage, “Many stars only do one thing well.  Of course, the best one-trick-pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle a director’s balls.”

While the book is considered satire and Rivers’ bread and butter is attacking fellow celebrities, this particular statement hit a bit too close to home for Stewart, 24. The Snow White and the Huntsman star was photographed in 2012 making out with the film’s then-married director, Rupert Sanders.

TMZ’s source says KStew’s camp may have decided against pursuing legal action against Rivers, since no libel claims have been filed. Regardless, the E! Fashion Police host has no plans to remove it, and says the prologue clearly outlines that the book is merely intended for laughs.

What do you think? Should Joan take the nasty remarks out or leave them in?

Diary of a Mad Diva hits stores next month.