Ed Sheeran Calls Taylor Swift an Old Lady: ‘She Hangs with Her Cat and Sews Things’

Taylor's Gift to Ed
Find out what Taylor Swift's craftiness created.
Cats, baking, needlepoint. Taylor Swift doesn’t act her age sometimes, and that’s OK.

Just ask BFF and former tour mate Ed Sheeran, who recently told TIME he too feels like a senior from time to time.

“My soul age differs from day to day. It can be 8 or 80,” he said.

Sheeran also revealed that he didn’t make anything for Swift after receiving a Drake-themed needlepoint from the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer.

“No, but I’m not a very crafty sort of person. She’s very craft,” he said.

“I know she’s 24 but she’s sort of a middle-aged woman trapped in a 24-year-old’s body. She hangs out with her cat and sews things,” Sheeran continued.

For more of Ed Sheeran, pick up this week’s issue of TIME. His second studio album X is out now.

[Lead photo courtesy of Instagram/Taylor Swift]