Jennifer Lopez Returning To 'American Idol' With Ryan, Harry and Keith, Because Why Not?

American Idol

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Oh wait.

While American Idol pretty much tanked this past season in the ratings, Fox executives apparently aren't blaming the host or the judges.

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Ryan Seacrest will all be returning for the show's 14th season next year.

"I am thrilled our consummate host, Mr. Ryan Seacrest, is returning for Season 14, together with Jennifer, Harry and Keith," American Idol creator and executive producer Simon Fuller said Monday in a statement. "Their interaction, warmth and experience made them an absolute joy to watch. I can't wait to see their evolution together continue next season."

Auditions for the upcoming season will begin Wednesday in New Orleans and later move to Long Island, N.Y., Nashville, Tenn., and San Francisco. The show’s last season concluded in May and the next season is scheduled to premiere sometime in early 2015.

To save on costs, the show has been reduced down to 37 hours on-air next season as opposed to the more than 50 hours produced in years past.

How the producers of the show intend to fix the show is a whole other question. Can anyone honestly name the winners from the last two seasons of American Idol? Maybe bring elements from The Hunger Games in to the mix?



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  • Jon Galo
    Jon Galo

    The executives apparently aren't blaming the host or the judges for the TV ratings, if they can’t figure that out, then they shouldn't be executive producers in the first place? Apparently the solution is very sample, if the executive producers would only read and respond the public complaints, the judges and the format of show, then the solution would be resolved, but apparently the executive producers are out of reach with the public so the problem will never be resolved, and the low TV ratings will continue?