Watch Haley Joel Osment and 39 Other Strangers Slap Each Other in ‘First Kiss’ Parody

Jelena's First Kiss
Justin Bieber describes his first smooch with Selena Gomez.
The premise of this video is pretty straightforward. 40 strangers get together to slap each other, sometimes politely. There are giggles, hugs and apologies. And it’s filmed in black and white.

It sounds familiar because the video is a response to the popular “First Kiss” video, which broke the internet earlier this year. But unlike the kiss fest, which made some people cringe, “The Slap” is pretty enjoyable.

Maybe it’s the brief appearance by Haley Joel Osment. Maybe it’s the sight of the other actors and models. Maybe it’s the use of Soko’s beautiful song “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow,” which also appeared in the kissing video.

My only question is: why weren’t Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel involved?


Watch “The Slap,” directed by screenwriter Max Landis, above.

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