Miley Cyrus Has a Banana Penis, So Clearly Not a Single Thing Has Changed in the Last Year

If you can believe it — I can’t — it has been just over one year since Miley Cyrus released “We Can’t Stop,” the song that would officially take her from “former Disney star on the edge” to “pop music heavyweight.” That song would also feature prominently in one of the most talked-about VMA performances ever. And cue the think pieces! A year later, it seems not much has changed. Miley is still pushing the boundaries of gag joke-inspired vulgarity, and we’re still featuring your awesome winning captions.

“Trashy is never a-peeling” – Michelle

“save a horse ride a…banana?” – Marissa

“If I were a boy…” – Gene

“Big bird boner” – Linda

“I came in like a giant di*k !” – Bowie

“Big bird has gone bananas!!” – Misty

“At least The banana doesn’t taste like it was rode hard and put away wet. – Liam Hemsworth” – Kelsie

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