Imagine If You Got The Opportunity to Rub Down Channing Tatum’s Naked Body

Channing Skinny-Dips
Channing Tatum admits to skinny-dipping with Jonah Hill.
So I want you to envision this: You’re a masseuse at an Indian spa in which your job is to undress your clients–who are typically middle-aged, overweight men–and scrub them down before giving them a good, long massage.  (You keep the lights low to avoid being able to see anything too well).

Then, all of a sudden, your luck changes… And in walks Channing Tatum. What do you do?

Obviously, immediately disrobe his sari and quickly turn the lights all the way up to make sure you get the full vision of what you’re working with this time… And never, ever forget it.

Well that’s pretty much exactly what happened at a spa in Vancouver, as Jenna Dewan-Tatum explained on Chelsea Lately Tuesday night.

Apparently the couple went to get a scrub down–during which the lights are typically dimmed–and were forced to get butt-naked in front of their masseuses with the lights left, on bright and ready (hmm… wonder why?).

Jenna was scrubbed first and said the funniest thing was watching her husband’s mortification when he came out after her.

“They bring him out and he’s completely naked,” she said.  “And she [the masseuse] completely knows who he is, obviously.”

“With his penis out?” Handler asked.

“YES!” Dewan-Tatum went on.  “He looks at me like, ‘I am going to kill you.'”

So to whomever had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand: BRAVO! You took advantage of your once in a lifetime opportunity and made many a woman’s dream come true… And we’re all sincerely envious.

Watch the full interview with Jenna and Chelsea above.