This Is Apparently the Place Justin Bieber Hotboxed

Bieber Eggs Neighbor
Justin Bieber throws eggs at his neighbor's house.
Justin's Atlanta Mansion
This is where Justin Bieber has been hiding.
After selling his Calabasas, Calif., mansion and a short stint in AtlantaJustin Bieber reportedly moved back to Los Angeles at the start of the month and already caused all kinds of commotion.

Aside from getting involved in a fender bender, the troubled singer allegedly hotboxed his new rental digs, forcing those that live around him to file multiple complaints to the Homeowner Association. Apparently, Bieber had been throwing parties — complete with weed and visits from the cops — at his new Beverly Hills condo to the annoyance of his building buddies.

Come on, with a starting price of $1.72 million, you can bet these people paid good money to NOT be disturbed by some young punk and his friends.

Seeing how Biebs’ neighbors are presumably thinking about moving away from all the smoke and noise, we thought we’d give them a helping hand by catching some homebuyers’ attention and drumming up some potential business.

So, if you’re looking to buy a place that reeks of marijuana, you may be in luck. Launch the gallery above to take a tour inside Bieber’s new pad!