Melissa McCarthy Was Watching an Autopsy When Her Husband Proposed To Her

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone might just be comedy’s cutest couple. The two are both partners in life and business, frequently working together. So a couple this sympatico must have an equally adorable proposal story right? Well it’s not strawberries and champagne, but it’s definitely sweet in its own way. As the two told Variety, McCarthy was watching a human autopsy when Falcone asked her to be his wife.

Ben: I knew her favorite place in Los Angeles was this beautiful house that we lived in. She’s a homebody. I was like, OK, let’s keep it simple. I’ll propose to her on the porch. I called her folks. Now I’m really nervous. I get bagels and iced coffee, and I’m dressed nice. It’s a Saturday morning.

Melissa: He keeps saying, “Melissa! Melissa!” He normally doesn’t call me Melissa. He calls me Mooch. I thought, “Is he breaking up with me? Am I in trouble?”

Ben: I lead her out on the back porch, but there’s a knock at the door. I didn’t know she had called the contractor to redo the bathroom tiles.

Melissa: I love a house project. But it was worse. I think I was switching out the toilet. That was at 9 in the morning, and it took all day.

Ben: I’m thinking, maybe I’ll take her to the dog park that we both kind of like, but I can’t ask her to marry me in a dog park. Finally, the guy leaves, and as the door shuts, she’s watching an autopsy show on TV and playing Tetris. I run at her full speed and I say, ‘Melissa will you marry me!?’

Melissa: He screamed at me like he hates me.

Ben: She drops the Tetris.

Melissa: Oh my god, I cried. He eventually said, “I’m going to need you to answer me.” I was just crying. I didn’t realize I hadn’t answered, because I was so overwhelmed.

Law and Order: bringing couples together since at least 2005, when Falcone and McCarthy got married. Their next project together, Tammy—which they co-wrote, Falcone directed and McCarthy stars in—comes out July 2.