Perez Hilton Continues to Drag Lady Gaga’s Name Through the Mud

Why Perez Is Terrible
According to Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton was pretty mean to her.
Gaga on Perez
Lady Gaga opens up about Perez Hilton feud.
And the feud rages on.

It has been years since his very public fallout with Lady Gaga, but Perez Hilton is so insistent on having the world hear his side of the story that he’s still talking about it today. While appearing on Australia’s Mornings this week, the celebrity gossip fiend gives quite the retelling of how he broke things off with the Mother Monster, recounting the time Gaga “obliterated drunk” on Jameson whiskey before his 2011 TV special — while he was, like, completely sober — and stormed out of his interview when he asked about the singer’s boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

“Those weren’t even ‘hard’ or difficult questions,” he reasons, using air quotes because he’s totally not overdoing it on the theatrics at all. “But instead she had to storm off and and be so dramatic.”

“It made me really question and reevaluate my entire ‘friendship’ with her,” Hilton continues. ” I really feel like that whole time she was just using me, ’cause I knew her back in 2008 at the very beginning before she was famous. And I would’ve still been her friend now even if she wasn’t famous.”

Speaking of being dramatic, Hilton the goes on to describe how fame “poisoned” his former BFF.

“You know, what’s funny is that she has this album called The Fame Monster, it’s her second album, and she became consumed by that which she was fascinated about. Fame can be a very deadly drug and it has damaged her personally,” he says. “She became this monster herself.”

“I think that she, unfortunately, has become a victim of this character that she created,” he explains. “Whereas instead of just being an artist, she became this freak, and this cartoon character, and so unrelatable to people. When she should be turning it down and being normal-ish and not dressing crazy, she just continued to do that.”

So, will we be subjected to many more years of Hilton dragging out this feud they ever make up? Not in the slightest.

“I have zero interest,” he replies when the co-host asked if they will ever reconcile. “I don’t want to be her friend. I don’t need friends like that in my life.”

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