Ariana Grande, Like Most 21-Year-Olds, Celebrated Her Birthday at Disney World

Did you celebrate your 21st birthday at Disney World like Ariana Grande? Or did you spend it doing shots of a cocktail called Washington Apple and regretting ever being born in the first place? Who’s to say which path I followed, though I will say this: I have never been to Disney World! Anyhoo, Ariana appears to have had quite a nice birthday, if that’s what she’s into, and in honor of her passage into true adulthood, here are today’s winning captions.

“Kiss me mickey ur so fine!! U blow my mind hey mickey!!!” – Sandra

“Ariana: ‘one less problem without you’

Mickey: ‘Damn feminist!'” – Gian

“Cat & Mouse” – Zay

“Ariana Grande’s best and smartest boyfriend.” – Ed

“i don’t think she got a problem with that” – Mckenzie

“Deadmau5 I love you!” LOL!!” – Drianna

“Don’t get a boner, don’t get a boner, don’t get a boner” – Karim

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