Got 180 Seconds? Make Yourself a Champion By Watching This Entire Video, Uninterrupted

Hey Meme...
We bet you can't stop browsing through these Ryan Gosling memes.
You’ve been warned. There’s major FOMO-shaming in this video.

But if you can watch the entire video from the folks at College Humor without checking your phone, clicking a new tab — ie. just focus on the one thing in front of you — you have succeeded in total concentration. For three minutes.

As predicted, I didn’t make it through the 180 seconds. I probably watched at total of 25 seconds — a sliver.

Maybe it was the tone of Adam Conover’s voice. Maybe it was his tie clip. The clock bothered me, as did the extra shiny layer of gloss/polish on the table.

Things also beeped and buzzed around me, so of course my natural instincts kicked in.

Good luck to you.