Lorde Praises Rihanna, Wants People to Stop Complaining About Nudity And Care More About Gun Violence

Lorde Goes Makeup Free
Singer shares au naturel snap.
Guess what? Lorde is just like you and me! She’s obsessed with Rihanna, too!

In an interview with London Evening Standard’s magazine, the teenage sensation applauds the “Pour It Up” singer for what many consider her risque ways, calling her absolutely “magnetic.”

“You can’t not look at Rihanna,” she tells the outlet. “I would buy anything Rihanna sold me. The way Rihanna embodies being a sexual woman… She’s so fearless and confident, I just love her.”

The “Royals” singer doesn’t think anyone should get upset over the type of clothing (or lack thereof) Bad Gal RiRi decides to wear.

“People should stop worrying about their daughters,” Lorde explains. “I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence. There are worse things. Shooting people. Glorifying violence.”

And while we already know Lorde is far beyond her years for a 16-year-old, she wants the world to view other teenagers the same, too.  She addresses how young people are often underestimated with people often thinking they’ll fall for anything the media feeds them.  But she says: “Such a high proportion of the people my age I know are super-driven, super-focused and super-creative in a way I haven’t seen a lot of adults being.”

Of course she understands teenagers are typically not as emotionally wise as adults, but that immaturity can often result in something incredible.

“You can be as sophisticated and precocious as you want, but you can’t fake experience,” Lorde explains. “That’s what I find endearing about the art that teenagers make. There’s something about that intensity.”