Who Wore It Best? Charlize Theron, Shailene Woodley and Anna Kendrick All Rock the Same Dress For Their Summer Magazine Covers

Mindy Kaling and Kate Middleton rock the same floral dress.
As I reported earlier this week, Anna Kendrick didn’t take it too personally when Charlize Theron–posing for Vogue–wore the same exact dress she posed in on the cover of ELLE.

But now a new Hollywood a-lister has been thrown into the mix…

Shailene Woodley is the THIRD actress to get caught wearing–what I’m referring to as–The Dress of Summer Magazines, made by Christian Dior… Although one of my colleagues (cough cough Matt Russoniello cough) told me the dress looks like a converse tennis shoe (he has a point).

So of course this means it’s time for a show down:

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