Here's What Really Went Down Between Kim Kardashian and That Racist Jokester

Watch: Kim Kardashian's Vienna Ball Experience Ruined by Man in Blackface

Kim at Vienna Opera Ball
Kim Kardashian Makes Her Way to the Vienna Opera Ball Pics
Kim Kardashian wows in Vienna. Read More »

Remember when Kim Kardashian walked out of the famous Vienna Ball after she was confronted by a man in blackface? Well, this is apparently what really happened.

In a preview clip for Keeping Up With the Kardashians' upcoming episode, the cameras capture everything that went down that infamous night, including how Kim and Kris Jenner reacted when they were approached by a huge racist. Spoiler alert: awkwardness ensued.

If you don't want to involve yourself in that type of thing, you can always fall back on watching this other teaser of Kris having her luggage stolen instead.



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