Olivia Wilde’s Perfect Response to Sexist Joke by GQ Movie Reviewer

Olivia & Her Pup
See Wilde walking her cute dog Paco around NYC
Olivia Wilde plays a writer in upcoming movie Third Person, but apparently she’s too pretty to play that role, according to GQ magazine.

“[They] get up to some believably wayward antics: games, one-upmanship, the kind of desire for each other that comes from old acquaintance rather than novelty,” writer Tom Carson said of her on-screen relationship with co-star Liam Neeson.

“She’s supposed to be a writer too, but your belief in that won’t outlast Wilde scampering naked through hotel corridors once Neeson playfully locks her out of his room. With that tush, who’d need to be literate? Who’d want to?”

This was Olivia Wilde’s response to Jezebel’s article on the review:

This is why I absolutely love Olivia Wilde. GQ now has its tail between its legs.