Jay-Z and Beyoncé Seemingly Dissed Justin Bieber During Their Tour Kick-Off in Miami

Justin Bieber snapped checking out Amber's assets.
Maybe this is why he was so upset his friends dissed him this weekend…

Justin Bieber just had a whole lot of shade thrown his way from none other than Queen Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z.

To be fair, this might be a case of the internet looking too much into something, but it’s worth talking about nonetheless.

The pair, who just began their ‘On The Run’ Tour in Miami on Wednesday, took a moment during the kick-off show to slow things down. That included flashing Bieber’s mugshot on the big screens.

Now, Bieber wasn’t alone. His photo was accompanied by the mugshots of Robert Downey Jr., Russell Brand,David Bowie and even Bill Gates.

Apparently, according to Radar Online, Beyoncé said, “Even the greatest can fall…” when his photo was on the screen, but we’ve watched the video ourselves and can’t hear it anywhere.

Take a look for yourself and let us know if you think it’s offensive or right on point.

And I’m not sure why it took this long for anyone to notice, but maybe it’s just because Hollywood behaiving badly is just a part of our culture.