Justin Bieber’s “Friends” Left His Tired Ass at Home Last Night

Justin Bieber should probably just stop driving...ever.
You know things have got to be bad for Justin Bieber when his friends start leaving him at home when they head out for the night.

And that’s exactly what happened this weekend, at least according to Justin’s cryptic Instagram video post.

In a video shared early Saturday morning, Justin is all sorts of things…tired, maybe hungover, but most importantly upset with his “friends.”

Captioned, “Fell asleep and missed everything #nowimupearly #smh” it’s hard to feel bad for Justin as he seemingly has all the fun always.

Who is he kidding himself? When you’re shirtless as often as he is, one night in won’t kill you. It isn’t clear which of his friends left him at home, but it’s funny knowing that they were brave enough to embrace the world without their main man.

I’m left wondering if they still got the VIP treatment as Justin was counting sheep at home.