Is Aaron Paul Joining the Cast of 'The Walking Dead?'

Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus
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File this under "our wildest hopes and dreams / probably never going to happen," but Norman Reedus is teasing the hell out of his Instagram followers with photos of Aaron Paul on what may or may not be the set of The Walking Dead.

For whatever reason this photo, which was posted early last week, has gone under the radar even though it could be used as the first piece of evidence that the Breaking Bad favorite might be fighting zombies in the near future.

I wouldn't normally even give it the time of day, especially considering that the pair seem to just be good friends, but the official Facebook profile for The Walking Dead even got excited about the post early Sunday morning.

The main evidence against Aaron staying in the AMC family is the photo's caption, "999." According to IMDb, both Reedus and Paul are currently filming a movie titled Triple Nine, a movie with a 2015 release date that also stars Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Either way, I'm just happy Norman digs making his fans squirm a little.

After all, this is the same guy who posted this epic photo after the Game of Thrones finale.



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  • Philip Moore
    Philip Moore

    i hope he isnt going to the walking dead dont go from one of the greatest tv shows of all time to one of the most overrated shows of all time

  • Tory Boliew Nelson
    Tory Boliew Nelson

    A quick check of IMDB would letcha know they are filming a movie called Triple Nine together.

  • Wendy Thompson
    Wendy Thompson

    adrain paul please , not aaron paul , he knows how to use a sword he was in highlander

  • Clayton BigBenny Willis
    Clayton BigBenny Willis

    Andy Anderson, your neighbors step sister is an internet call girl.

  • Lee White
    Lee White

    That picture was taken in Senoia Georgia aka Woodbury. Behind one of the stores on main street.

  • Artie Reyna II
    Artie Reyna II

    hahahah HL3 confirmed!! so fuckin random, but funny!

  • Justin Harless
    Justin Harless


  • Ashley Nikole
    Ashley Nikole

    They're more than likely filming the Boondock Saints 3....

  • Chandra Jordan
    Chandra Jordan

    OMG seriously, since when does Daryl Dixon have a gold tooth and a ginormous chest tattoo? You're celebuzz, it's for 999, Aaron Paul isn't going to be on TWD. Good lord,

  • Jenna Burdett
    Jenna Burdett

    Aren't they filming a movie together right now?

  • Andy Anderson