Kelly Osbourne Got Her Head Tattooed

Kelly Osbourne's thong-loving bum made its public debut.
For someone who’s actually gotten some of her tattoos removed, it’s wild to think that Kelly Osbourne would go and get her head tattooed.

But that’s exactly what she did this weekend, joining the very exclusive club of people willing to endure having a needle slammed into your head over and over and over again.

Sharing the process step-by-step with her followers on Instagram, Kelly did the deed at the infamous Shamrock Social Club. If it sounds familiar, it’s where most celebs go for their body art. The boys of One Direction are frequent customers, being the place Harry’s butterfly came into existence.

On Saturday though, it’s where Kelly placed a single word…”Stories.”

I’ve got to admit, Kelly’s new ink, which matches her lavender hair perfectly, is very cute. It also implies that her head is full of stories, almost teasing fans to ask her for some insight into the things we don’t know about her.