Chris Brown Parties a Little Too Hard After BET Awards, Gets Carried Out of Nightclub

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Chris' Post-Jail Bash
Inside Chris Brown's welcome home party.
Now that he’s out of the slammer, Chris Brown can get turnt up for what as he pleases. So naturally, he goes to do just that because, well, he’s Chris Brown and he has basically made a living out of being reckless.

Following his post-jail performance at this year’s BET Awards, the troubled singer was spotted being carried out of an after-party by his entourage in Hollywood Monday morning. Looking like how you’d look after a few rounds, Brown had his arms around two pals as he was escorted practically dragged into the passenger seat of an awaiting¬†Lamborghini.

At one point, his bodyguard — who looked like that one sober person at a party who’s completely fed up with his friend but will nonetheless have to take them to the Taco Bell drive thru later on — even grabbed the 25-year-old by his shirt collar to steer him in the right direction.

Watch how it all went down in the video below.