Good News for Amanda Bynes, Judge Dismisses Bong-Tossing Case

In the latest round of good news for actress Amanda Bynes, a judge has dismissed Bynes’ New York City bong-tossing case.

Bynes’ lawyer appeared in court Monday. The actress was not present. The case was sealed after the dismissal.

The judge had previously said the charges would be dismissed if Bynes stayed out of trouble for six months and went to counseling twice a week. Her attorney, Gerald Shargel, submitted an affidavit saying Bynes had complied with the court’s requirements. Well done Amanda, well done.

Amanda was charged last year with reckless endangerment and marijuana possession. Building managers called police because they said she was smoking pot in the lobby of her Manhattan apartment. When officers entered her 36th-floor apartment, they said they saw the actress throw a bong out the window.

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