Justin Bieber Continues to Toy With Fangirls' Emotions With "Naked" Selfie


Is Justin Bieber the world's biggest troll? Possibly.

After causing a frenzy amongst fanbase by sharing multiple photos of his shirtless body pumping iron at the gym, the singer once again is toying with fangirls' hearts everywhere by trolling us with more semi-nude -- or, maybe, actually naked -- pictures.

In Bieber's latest addition on his Shots account, the 20-year-old goes for a literal crotch shot by snapping a photo of himself at penis level. Given his penchant for saggy pants, Bieber could be wearing bottoms that we can't see in the revealing selfie. But then again, maybe not.

So, are the pants on or off? It's the question for the millennial age.

justin bieber naked nude penis shirtless abs selfie [Photo courtesy of: Justin Bieber/Shots]



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  • Russ Brooks
    Russ Brooks

    Obviously the kid is still looking for his manhood and cannot find it even with a camera! Nice!

  • Tom Maker
    Tom Maker

    Nice, this is who teenage girls look up to?? Then again, the women all look up to that "dreamy eyed" criminals mugshot. I think women are just all nuts.

  • Anum M. Malik
    Anum M. Malik

    he grew up infront of our eyes,a 14 year old kid who used to sing on the footsteps of avon theater,sold out MSG in 22minutes and has over 100 awards.made alot of bad choices and is 20 now. can you believe it Justin bieber who sang ''baby'' sings ''All that matters'' now <3 Proud of him,he has talent.

  • Shawn Olsen
    Shawn Olsen

    Who wants to see his vagina anyway?

  • fbc2k1

    The better question is: is he on or off drugs in this photo. I've seen less glaze on a doughnut...